“INRO is the driving power behind the solution of Menat!”

There are thousands of models which are able to depict the complexity of the reality that surrounds us. Besides the various types of perspectives, such as the communication of Leary, collaboration of Belbin and the leadership of Cameron and Quinn, there are many dimensions used to describe one’s state, such as Enneagram, the Sephirot, etc.

Models enlarge our grasp on reality, and clarify the complex and extensive ways how we work together. It connects theory with practise, groups with individuals and the present with the future.

‘Models enlarge our

grasp on reality!’


Besides all the elements that differentiate these models, there are also various commonalities! INRO focusses on these elements which allows complete integration of each individual role models.

INRO has exposed the fundamentals of many common models and reunited them in an integral role model in which there is room for development. Based on various underlying criteria, such as time, space and complexity, it is possible to connect all these models and form a ‘Meta model’!

‘Meta model!’

‘Automised intelligence!’

By using INRO’s automised intelligence it is possible to order and structure texts, websites and other written expressions in predefined categories and roles.

The INRO model allows each user to take control of his/her development, whether this is on a personal or organisation level.

‘Taking control!’