“Combining knowledge and expertise! Thats what Menat is passioned about!”

What does Menat do? Well, we are a dedicated HR solution provider for individuals and businesses that require greater insight in their current and future situation. We excel in understanding the question in hand and match it with the right tools, skills and expertise that guarantees a sound solution!

‘Guarantee a sound


‘Taking own control!’

Menat was established in 2005 after we recognised a clear market demand for solutions that would differentiate companies in their HR strategy. The assessment market was in a developing stage, but no solutions really put the development of individuals or organisations in their own control!

Why does Menat want to participate in this seemingly saturated market? We recognise that thereĀ is so much room for improvement, and an ever dier need for a model and approach that takes a different angle in finding strategic solutions for individuals and organisations, that a big difference can be made to the current HR methodologies as we know it!

‘A big difference

can be made!’

‘Passion for change!’

Passion for change but especially the urge to improve the lives of individuals and to create business opportunities for organisations is what drives us!

How does Menat differentiate from other HR experts? We understand the value of the ‘sharing economy’ and apply this to our business approach. We surround ourselves by experts with the right knowledge, skills and capacity which can be applied to projects we are working on.

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‘Bringing knowledge

and expertise together!’

Menat richt zich dus op;

  1. Regie en verantwoordelijkheden gelijkelijk bij individu en organisatie.
  2. Continue facilitering van zowel haar opdrachtgevers als gebruikers door transparante processen, werkwijzen en metingen.
  3. Optimale dialoog tussen werkgevers, scholing en werknemers met als doel een optimaal resultaat voor alle doelgroepen.
  4. Voortdurende afstemming met IT om haar processen te optimaliseren en betaalbaar te houden voor opdrachtgevers die zelf verantwoordelijk willen blijven voor hun proces en strategie maar een hoogwaardige maar betaalbare ondersteuning en spiegeling willen..