“My passion for HR goes beyond enabling individuals and organisations in their professional endeavours. I take each person or project close to my heart!”

‘Predictive Analytics’ brings together my entire career into a clear and focussed philosophy. Something that took me a long time to grasp, but very liberating now I have gained this understanding!

Very liberating!

Lovely grandkids!

So who is Harry? Well, I was born in Borne, a small town in the Netherlands. I had a typical dutch upbringing and moved to the city at a young age. I have an incredible caring and supporting wife, two lovely children and even lovelier grandkids!

“To understand how I got to where I am today, you have to learn about my journey!”

After my studies I started in the educational sector as a secondary grade teacher. During the first years of being a teacher I completed my Masters in education studies, as one of my ambition was to combine theory with practice. After being director of a secondary school for several years, I changed from the public sector to the private sector and followed my career as a trainer/coach.

Combine theory with


New perspective in life!

I specialised in replacement as I quickly realised that I had a passion in offering others a new perspective in live, career wise! We opened our own training agency and focussed on serving our clients in achieving their strategic goals. ‘Tailor made solutions’ was our trade mark in the industry!

In this respect, I have focussed on analysing the current situation of individuals and organisations in relation to their goals and ambitions during most of my professional career.

Analysing current




From 1992 onwards, I have started to focus on developing assessments. I have created various methodologies and systems, such as Ilias and RDA, where psychological algorithms are the base of defining one’s current and desired situation.

The last few years I have been driven by the realisation that there is a crucial missing factor in the assessment tools we use today. The predictive element! Assessments may provide a very detailed ‘snap shot’ of one’s current situation, it does not provide any indicators to which one can develop oneself to follow their goals and ambitions!

The predictive element!

What else can I say? Perhaps some advice that I have followed myself for my whole life:

“Keep control of the situation. Do not let others decide your future! This counts for individuals, but also for organisations that are struggling to manage their employees!”