​Often the question in organisational and personal development is; “where do we stand and where do we go to?” The start of a strategical journey.​

Menat developes dedicated tools for her networkpartners to analyse the current situation and the objectives on personal level as well as on organisation level in order define the bridging goals.

We analyse the past in order to predict the near future so you can define your next steps.

"Frankly I had my doubts when I answered the questions in the assessment, but I was stunned by the results! We now know much better where to focus on in order to improve our profit margins! "

− Stefan Holthausen, Holthausen Groep Hoogezand

"I was pretty sceptical at first, but based on my experience so far and the support I got from Menat I have started to appreciate the real value of this type of assessment! I can't wait to explore more ways of applying it in my work."

− Muriel Vet, Plastiflex

"With the help of the Company Scan, we created in a very short span of time an objective overview of our problem areas! Based on the recommendations of the Company Scan we have been able to speed up the implementation of the intended changes within our organisation!"

− Johan Kamphuis

"Menat has given us the right tools to find the solution we were looking for. Working with Harry in the process made it a very pleasant experience!"

− Walter Drieenhuizen, TMA


Menat uses its own tailor made ​tool, called INRO, to analyse, define and organise unstructured data into predefined categories.
In other words, with INRO any data collected by any type of assessment tool can be analysed and translated into information which can be used to coach, advice and help individuals and organisations to improve their performance!

The person behind Menat!

“I started in the education sector, but quickly followed my passion in the field of coaching and management.
I moved towards a more commercial setting and started to develop methods to analyse, classify and improve human behaviours.
Understanding the true fundamentals in defining behavior, I soon expanded my focus on cultural change within projects, teams and organsations!”

Harry Oude Wolbers

Our projects

Explore which solutions we have designed for our partners and clients!

Brandlove! Rating brands!

2 July 2016


Expatations! Eliminating expat failure!

2 July 2016

Career center

Career Centre! Bringing together theory and practice in career guidance!

2 July 2016


Proceed! Defining competences through process descriptions!

2 July 2016


CultureScan! Mapping out the organisational culture!

2 July 2016

INRO for kids

INRO for kids!

2 July 2016

Learning analytics

Humanversity! Analysing personal development through time, life long learning!

5 September 2015


Indicom! Looking for the “one”!

5 September 2015


Bizzentials! Form follows function!

5 September 2015


CROWN! Showing the hidden qualities of documents!

5 September 2015


Ulrich! Like a spider in the company-web!

5 September 2015


Diaments! Making your profile shine!

5 September 2015


Conflict professionals! Bridging the gap!

5 March 2013

With Menat you are assured of a personal and tailor made solution that will bring your organisation the space to grow!
A quick and effective approach for organisations that want to save time and money in the process of understanding their human assets!
With a strong partner network, Menat has a large pool of knowledge and skills to its disposal for you to take advantage of!